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03.28 2016

Polysulfone Pleated Membrane Cartridge

Featuring an asymmetric structure, the polysulfone or polyethersulfone (PES) membrane reduces pressure drop and provides high dirt loading capacity, large filtration area, and low differential pressure, allowing a larger filtration flow rate.

03.28 2016

PTFE Pleated Membrane Cartridge

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filter media is characterized by high chemical inertness, and is widely used for filtration of strong acid and base solutions in semiconductor industry applications such as wet etching, solvent stripping and cleaning processes.

05.18 2016

Nylon Pleated Membrane Cartridge

Nylon Pleated Membrane Cartridge uses hydrophilic nylon material with no surface active agents or IPA pre-washing.

05.18 2016

Sintered Mesh Metal Cartridge (SM)

SM cartridges are made of several sintered mesh layers, providing an integrated porous metallic element.

05.18 2016

Winding Mesh Metal Cartridge (RM)

RM cartridges are made of seamless, continuous wire mesh wounded to a cylindrical or conical mandrel (core).

05.18 2016

Sintered Powder Metal Cartridge (SP)

SP elements are made through sintering micro-porous metal and alloy powder together.

05.18 2016

Wedge Mesh Metal Cartridge (RS)

RS cartridges features wedge-shaped wires welded to perforated core.

05.18 2016

Pleated Mesh Metal Cartridge (PSF)

SF/PSF cartridges are made of multi layered stainless steel metal fiber.

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