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05.18 2016

FSH High Dirt Holding Cartridge

The large filtration area of FSH cartridges provide a dirt holding capacity of over 20 kg.

05.18 2016

High Strength Melt Blown Cartridge

FCP cartridges features a two layered structure, having fine inner fibers and coarse outer fibers, to trap particles of different sizes.

05.18 2016

Light Duty Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

FCP II cartridges feature a four-layer graded structure for a longer service life and higher dirt holding capacity.

05.18 2016

Polyester Melt Blown Cartridge

FCE cartridges feature high temperature and chemical resistance, making it suitable for petrochemical solvent filtration applications.

05.18 2016

Absolute Precision Melt Blown Cartridge

Feature-Tec's Absolute Precision Melt Blown Cartridges are made with pure polypropylene for exceptional dirt holding capacity and high filtration performance.

05.18 2016

Nylon Melt Blown Cartridge

Feature-Tec FCN cartridge features chemical properties making it suitable for high temperature and special solvent filtration applications.

05.18 2016

String Wound Cartridge

The unique wounding pattern of String Wound Cartridges provide depth filtration properties to suit a wide range of applications.

05.18 2016

SelfClear™ Automatic Filtration System

SelfClear™ a continuous self-cleaning filtration equipment, automatically removing particles from liquid and gaseous streams.

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