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05.23 2016

ST Separator Cartridge

ST separator cartridge separates water in various fluid processes

08.15 2016

C1.0 Series Absolute Rated Vapor Phase Elements

The Feature-tec C1.0 series element is designed to coalesce extremely fine liquid particles from natural gas,primarily lubricating oil downstream of a compressor

08.15 2016

C1.5 series fiberglass elements

The Feature-Tec C1.5 series elements are efficient filter-separator elements

08.19 2016

Centrifugal Extractor

By changing the electrical motor for a belt drive, the system will achieve explosion prevention requirements.

08.19 2016

Inverting Filter Centrifuge

FWZ Inverting Filter Centrifuge is a new high performance filtration system that is capable of automatically discharging collected particulates

08.19 2016

MY Nutsche Filter

The MY series integrated filter dryer features a fully sealed design for use with various process fluids, especially for difficult and dangerous mediums such as slurries, explosive, toxic and volatile processes.

10.20 2016

Filtradur 11 Filter Paper

Filtradur 11 Polypropylene Filter Paper

10.20 2016

Filtradur 14 Filter Paper

Filtradur 14 PET Filter Paper

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