Desulfurization wastewater treatment on ship
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In order to respond to the IMO 2020 sulfur limit order, equipping with scrubber is one of the most effective means. Due to concerns about the adverse effects of wastewater on the marine environment, the regulatory requirements for open desulfurization equipmentare becoming more stringentat home and abroad, and in general, open loop may be limited. How to deal with desulfurization wastewater of closed loop has become a topiceveryone cares about.

Wastewater pollutants:
Heavy metal

The EPOWIC system
The EPOWIC system is an intelligent, fully automatic,easy-operate water purification system designed for scrubber wastewater. It adopts the structure of backwashing / backflushing, which automatically purifies and discharges slag. The whole system has a compact structure and is suitable for ship space. The effluentmeets the discharge standards of CCS.


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