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Activated Carbon Cartridge
Activated Carbon Cartridge
  • Activated Carbon Cartridge
  • Activated Carbon Cartridge

Activated Carbon Cartridge has naturally high porosity, allowing it to absorb organic materials and is specially suited for particulates in fluids to remove colour, odour and slick. Feature-Tec's Activated Carbon Element is specially designed for use in F&B industries where decolouration and deodourisation are important.

It utilises the high absorption nature of ultra-fine activated carbon particles, and at the same time, uses PP as an external protective membrane to increase its rigidity, protecting it from disintegration and leaking into the fluids being filtered. This also increases its filtration accuracy and service lifespan.

Activated Carbon Element is especially suited to be used to eliminate fluorine in fluids, VOC, odours, sediments, colour additives, organic chemicals and even harmful microorganisms.


Product Features:

• Superfine active carbon particles have to extremely strong absorbing capacity, the active carbon is widely applied for absorbing, decoloring, deodorization and de-oiling  

• Stable structure, high mechanical strength and not easily deformed

• There are many kinds of carbon raw materials for selection, such as coal carbon powder, shuck carbon powder, coconut husk carbon powder and silver-loaded activated carbon

• Various cartridge lengths and outer diameters can be selected to match different filtering area requirements

• External protection structure prevents carbon powder leakage so as to effectively increase filtering efficiency and extend cartridge service life

Example: Product code FCCM107B1 represents activated carbon filter cartridge, 10" length, connection type 7, BUNA N seal ring,1 um micron rating.
Product Code Cartridge Length Connection Type Seal Material Micron Rating
FCCM - Extruded Activated Carbon Cartridge
FCCF - Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Cartridge
10" / 20" /
30" / 40"
V -Viton
T - Teflon
S - Si. Rubber
0.5/1/ 5 10um
FCCD (activated carbon filter disc) - no. of discs (04, 08, 16)
Activated carbon cartridges are applicable for various industries such as:
Syrup Decolorization / Degreasing / Removal of Chlorine from Drinking Water / Electroplating Solution / Photophilic Solutions / Gas Deodorization / Circulating Water  
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