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Gas Filtration System
Gas Filtration System
Gas Filtration System
Gas Filtration System
Gas Filtration System
  • Gas Filtration System
  • Gas Filtration System
  • Gas Filtration System
  • Gas Filtration System
  • Gas Filtration System

NoDust® Filtration System is specially designed for an effective gas filtration in petrochemical, chemical fibre, fine chemistry, electric power, metallurgy & steel and electronic industries. It is extremely suitable for processing flammable, explosive, sticky or fine dust flue. Feature-Tec can design and produce filtering systems according to GOST, ASME, CE or Chinese national pressure vessel standards on customer’s request.

Feature-Tec NoDust® has high dust removal efficiency which meets European emission levels of less than 25mg/NM³ and can go as low as 10mg/NM³.  It is uniquely suited for electronic and chemical industry as it is fully automatic in its control, dust-cleaning and feeding system. This ensures a stable performance and high-efficiency of dust removal. Other benefits include a prolonged lifespan of filter bags, reduced maintenance costs and flexibility in adapting to all kinds of dusty environments.


Product Features:

• Various materials are available and equipment can be customized according to field working stations

• Special design is available for dust free rooms or electrostatic prevention applications to meet the requirements of customer's process and superfine particles recycling

• Various special gas and dust filters can be designed according to customer's needs


Product Classification:

• Filtration at compressor inlet

• Storage hopper filtration (production of PAT, chemical fiber, food additives, etc.

• Powder conveying process

• Flammable gas filtration under high temperature and high pressure

• High temperature tail gas clean-up

• Filtration of flue gas and high temperature coal gas

• High dirt holding capacity
• Able to achieve European emission standards(<25mg/NM³)
• For special requirements, NoDust can achieve emissions below 10mg/NM³
• Based on clients' requirements, Feature-Tec is able to manufacture gas filters according to GOST, ASME, CE and other international standards.
• Petrochemicals
• Specialty Fibers
• Fine Chemicals
• Electronics
• Metallurgy
• Viscous and/or Fine Dust
• Flammable and/or Explosive Dust
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