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JustFit Mobile System
JustFit Mobile System
JustFit Mobile System
  • JustFit Mobile System
  • JustFit Mobile System
  • JustFit Mobile System

JustFit™ mobile filtration system can meet various process requirements from each industries. It is suited for the filtration of oil, coating products, ink, resin, rubber and cutting fluids when they are mass produced automatically.

JustFit™ mobile filtration systems can also filter oil from water, polyurethane, rubber, refrigerants, food flavourings. JustFit™ mobile filtration systems can be customized based on customers' specific requirements.


Product Features:

• Light and handy structure, movable, flexible performance and easy operation

• Embedded membrane pump system can fully discharge residual liquid to reduce power consumption

• Explosion protection program can be specially designed for storage, packaging or production in chemical industry

• Integral design combining basket, bag, cartridge filters and membrane system can be provided according to various customer requirements

Adopted raw materials and main parts are all sourced from international leading companies to ensure excellent quality and reliable performance.   

JustFitTM Mobile Filter is suitable for processes such as oil/water separation systems, polyurethane production, resin production, coolants and sterile flavor production by mounting a housing on a mobile trolley.
Based on the clients' requirements, filter housings are available various element types such as bag, cartridge, basket or membrane in either single or modular arrangements.
Suitable for paints, coatings, inks, resins, rubbers, cutting fluids and other liquid filtration processes that require a movable filtration system.
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