Offline Process Fluid Purification
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Offline Process Fluid Purification

After an extended period of usage, cleaning fluid contains an increased amount of pollutants, degrading the cleaning fluid and rendering it unusable. FCTF-15 regenerator is capable of three-phase separation (water-oil-solid), applicable for water-based cleaning fluids, cutting fluids and other solution purification. With its fast, efficient, and stable features, the FCTF-15 regenerator is the choice equipment for processing used cutting fluids and cleaning fluids.


• Able to achieve water-oil-solid three phase separation process

• Set up as a bypass system; does not require modification to process line

• Small, integrated design

• Highly automated process

• Optional UV sterilization process

A bag filter is a recommended pre-filter to the FCTF-15 regenerator to remove solid contaminants, extending the lifespan of the regenerator.



• Medium: Water-based liquids

• pH: 6 - 9

• Working Temperature: 15 - 50℃

• Max. Room Temperature: 50℃


Processing Capacity

• Maximum Flow Rate: (50Hz) 1000L / H

• Effective Processing Volume: 600-800L / H

• Vessel Capacity: 0.7L

• Waste Oil Collection Tank Volume: 20L


Separation Efficiency

• Solids Removal Accuracy: 2um (99% or more)

• Residue Contaminant Oil: below 0.3%

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