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Multi-Flow Counter-Current Filter

Counter-current cleaning systems involve multiple tanks with various stages in the process. Used cleaning solution will be channelled to the next stage for cleaning, bringing along contaminants and particles. By intercepting the cleaning fluid with a polypropylene filter bag, pollutants in the cleaning fluid from each stage will not be brought on to the next stages.


• High filtration flow rate, suitable for high flow equipment

• Switchable parallel system setup allows for continuous process flow while some filters are being serviced

• Oleophilic properties of polypropylene allows it to absorb a small amount of oil

• Magnetic rods can be added into the system, to remove iron and other magnetic contaminants

• Filtration rating is gradually improved across the stages. Feature-Tec recommends a final filtration rating of 10 microns

Single Element Housing Filters

Single tank cleaning fluid recirculation usually involves a low flowrate, to maintain the quality of liquid in the tank. In-line, single cartridge filters are suitable for this application. With a multi configuration setup, the single cartridge filters will be able to achieve the required filtration accuracy.


• Cartridge type filtration provides a higher filtration efficiency

• Small equipment, suitable for single housing setup

• Multi housing setup possible to achieve the required 

• Gradual decrease in element micron rating; the final filter is recommended to have a rating of 10 microns

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