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Feature-Tec’s Wedge Mesh Cartridge (RS) uses a wedge filtration mesh, which is welded together with the supporting structure. The high filtration area of the cartridge is achieved from the structural arrangement of the metal wedge mesh, through the spaces between the parallel wedge wires increasing the filtration area.


Feature-Tec is able to assure high product standards through our strong production capacity, being able to fabricate a cartridge with dimensions from 21-956mm in diameter and up to 6000mm (6metres) in length. In addition, Feature-Tec is also able to fabricate flat wedge wire screens with dimensions up to 2800x4500mm


Through our extensive production standards and powerful production equipment, Feature-Tec’s RS filters are able to meet various customers’ requirements.




Strong welded structure with high mechanical strength

Absolute precision filtration

Up to 25 μm filtration accuracy

Increased filtration area to prevent surface clogging/chocking


Example: Product code ELCRS-E107B1 represents wedge mesh metal cartridge, SS316l material, 10" length, connection type 7, Buna N seal ring, 1 um micron rating
Code Material   Cartridge Length Connection Type  Seal Material   Filtration Rating  
ELCRS - Liquid Application
EGCRS - Gas Application
E - SS304
S - SS316L 
5" 10" 20" 30"40"60" 2/4/6/
B - Buna N
V - Viton
S - Si. Rubber
25μm-  500μm
Wedge Mesh Lowest Micron Rating: 25 μm
Cartridge Dimenstions: 21 - 956 mm diameter, up to 6 meter length
Also available as flat screen, max. dimensions: 2800 x 4500 mm
*For other materials, please contact us
Wedge mesh metal cartridges are suitable for various industrial applications such as:
Solid/Liquid Separation / Catalyst, Resin & Activated Carbon Removal / Sand Filtration from Sewage / Filtration Screens
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